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Little update on nftferma.com (https://nftferma.com/i/628... After initial deposit of 10TRX all your winnings can be instantly withdrawn to Payeer. Payeer is a easy to use online wallet. It has some fees for transactions, but is highlty regarded by online community.

Currently in nftferma I produce 4.15 TRX per day, with my initial investement of 10TRX. Actually when I saw TRX can be withdrawn successfuly I invested 50 TRX, but my income is mostly thanks to the community of the game and everyday promocodes. Join while it is still new.

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I stumbled upon a new russian site, called NFT Ferma.

It seemed to me user-friendly. When you register you get one Vertical Neft Well free, which generates 0,1056T
daily and refunds 21% of its value (15T) monthly. Of course you can buy more wells like it, or better and upgrade them to level 7 for more income. There is a telegram channel with promo codes shared. It is a new project, but seems nice to me.

Here is my refferal link

There are PTC's as well, daily bonuses and NFT bank, where you can buy NFT and sell another day if more profitable.

My first payout. Send and received withing a second. I invested 10 TRX to be able to withdraw, but it seems to work.

It has

بسم ألله الرحمن الرحيم.
أللهم صلي علئ محمد وأل محمد.
لاتنسوا ألاشتراك + لايك رأيكم بنا مهم جدا🌺

⓵ رابط الموقع : :Website# link#
☞. https://coincxo.com/?ref=Y...
☞. https://coincxo.com/?ref=Y...

⓶ قناة التلكرام لنشر المواقع والتطبيقات:
☞. https://t.me/FreeCryptoone

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☞. https://instagram.com/3trl...

✍ البريد الالكتروني للتواصل. :
[ lyadwrdalli69gmail.com ]

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Hi all, in January, I broke my wrist and was unable to do much of anything for a while. I decided to check out how I could earn crypto while sitting at my laptop.

A few sites I've come across are listed below. Follow me and stop back regularly and I'll post more in depth posts about each of them and how you can earn BTC, Litecoin, Doge & more.

Cointiply - http://cointiply.com/r/D5g...
EarnBitCoin.net - https://www.earnbitcoin.ne...
Litepick.io - https://litepick.io/?ref=f...
SatoshiMonster - https://satoshimonster.com...
FreeCryptoRewards - https://freecryptorewards....
Freebitco.in - https://freebitco.in/?r=46...
FreeCash.com - https://freecash.com/r/b5e...

Check them out and start earning your crypto today. Any questions

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