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Retired and spending my time looking for moneymaking ventures

When I started with Cointiply, I had an issue right at the beginning. I got logged out and when I logged back in, my sats were all gone. It wasn't a large amount, maybe 10,000 sats, but it was annoying. I contacted the support desk and they were able to reinstate my coins. Since then, I've had no issues and I highly recommend this site as a great way to accumulate Sats. In the last couple of months, I've earned over 300K Sats!

Cointiply has multiple ways to earn Sats like PTC, hourly BTC faucet, Surveys, Tasks, an affiliate program that allows you to earn from your referrals & more ways to earn.

There are which allow you to earn more coins by completing surveys, earning a certain number of coins, completing streaks and a whole lot more.

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HI, For those of you who signed up at Bitcoin Magazine, here's a chance to earn some sats for just taking quick survey. It won't last long, so jump in now.



I'd like to talk in a little more depth about EarnBitCoin today. This has been a moneymaker for me since I started in Jan. Here is a listing of what I've done to date.. the last item just was requested this afternoon, so hasn't been paid out yet.

Website Date Rec'd Sats Rec'd Dollar Value
EarnBitcoin 3/10/2023 335152 $67.80
EarnBitcoin 3/12/2023 100000 $22.34
EarnBitcoin 3/20/2023 51829 $14.53
EarnBitcoin 3/29/2023 25094 $7.11
EarnBitCoin 4/24/2023 50286 $13.79

I've had several people sign up & so far not claimed the sign-up bonus. When you sign up, make sure to confirm your email, then claim your's FREE SATS!!

I'm running out of room, so I'll add more info in the comments.

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Today, I want to talk to you about another program that you can use to earn cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, DOGE or LTC, or if you prefer, gift cards, Paypal, FaucetPay or bank transfer.
It's called -

I downloaded and played with it for a bit in February and you can see my results below.
Date Sats Cash Value
FreeCash 2/12/2023 134391 $29.28
FreeCash 2/16/2023 120109 $23.77
FreeCash 2/26/2023 84301 $19.92

They have some great ways to earn, including offers, surveys, and an affiliate program.

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Here is a quick way you can start stacking sats and learn about Bitcoin at the same time.

Download the BitCoin Magazine app and get paid to read articles about the BitCoin world.

Every day one article is put up worth 50 sats and several others are worth 5 sats each.

Occasionally, they have special days where all the articles are worth more...last month there was a weekend where each article was worth either 25 or 50 sats.

They also will send out flash codes either on Twitter or to their email list for even more sats.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Hi all, in January, I broke my wrist and was unable to do much of anything for a while. I decided to check out how I could earn crypto while sitting at my laptop.

A few sites I've come across are listed below. Follow me and stop back regularly and I'll post more in depth posts about each of them and how you can earn BTC, Litecoin, Doge & more.

Cointiply - - -
SatoshiMonster -
FreeCryptoRewards - https://freecryptorewards.... - -

Check them out and start earning your crypto today. Any questions

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If you want to try something in addition to #bitcoin , I've been using to earn #litecoin . It's got a faucet, Games to play & earn, surveys, PTC, tasks, contests and an affiliate program.
As you move up the ladder, you can earn more and more through the faucet (which you can use once every hour).

Hi all, want to earn #bitcoin ? is a great way to start building your crypto before #bitcoin skyrockets! They provide multiple ways to earn including Surveys, Offerwalls, PTC, Filling in Captchas, Referring new users and even earn watching Check it out now and start earning your sats at

Best way I've found to earn #bitcoin ! In the last couple of months, I've earned over 200K Sats! #PTC , #BTCFaucet , #Surveys and more ways to earn.