Vladislav Kostadinov


I love programming and fan fiction. I am trying some new passive income mechanisisms.

New Tron (TRX) cloud mining website (nftferma.com) - YouTube

Join here: https://nftferma.com/i/628And don't forget to join telegram channel (link is displayed in the website). Thank you for attention.It is one of the f...

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Little update on nftferma.com (https://nftferma.com/i/628... After initial deposit of 10TRX all your winnings can be instantly withdrawn to Payeer. Payeer is a easy to use online wallet. It has some fees for transactions, but is highlty regarded by online community.

Currently in nftferma I produce 4.15 TRX per day, with my initial investement of 10TRX. Actually when I saw TRX can be withdrawn successfuly I invested 50 TRX, but my income is mostly thanks to the community of the game and everyday promocodes. Join while it is still new.

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I stumbled upon a new russian site, called NFT Ferma.

It seemed to me user-friendly. When you register you get one Vertical Neft Well free, which generates 0,1056T
daily and refunds 21% of its value (15T) monthly. Of course you can buy more wells like it, or better and upgrade them to level 7 for more income. There is a telegram channel with promo codes shared. It is a new project, but seems nice to me.

Here is my refferal link

There are PTC's as well, daily bonuses and NFT bank, where you can buy NFT and sell another day if more profitable.

My first payout. Send and received withing a second. I invested 10 TRX to be able to withdraw, but it seems to work.

It has

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I found a fun app for mobile, in which you grow your tree and collect money by clicking on it. Easy to learn and fun to play. Low min payout ot 0.35. Still haven't explored it well, but I found that that you can click with both hands or with 4-5 fingers and it makes it a lot faster. Made 9 cents for half an hour.


I will write on my first withdraw.


You can mine up to 10$ for a week (with the 3$ bonus from registration and the bonuses for new users), but you can not withdraw them directly to your wallet. You can use them to trade on the crypto market on the app and supposedly win more cash (which you can withdraw). So it gives you 10 bucks for trading and the crypto you win (if you win) is yours. Still not a bad deal, eventhough BTC dropped right now and my trade did not went that well. But I am novice, maybe in time I will understand more. The app provides a lot of information, which is useful for new users. Will keep updating.

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I had really fun times in this new project. Promo codes often, ptc, and passive income in TRX. User-friendly interface. Good community. New project.

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Nice cloud crypto miner with high ratios. Free mining power for new users. High withdraw rate, but nice income, might be worth the wait. Good and easy to acquire promotions and chance for promo codes in Telegram channel every day.

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Gain 3$ bonus on registration. Easy mine up to 10$ for a week. Cannot withdraw, but can trade for crypto on the app (is easy) and withdraw winnings (or stake them for APY). One of the more trusted ones.

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I can recommend my favorite rewards app. It is the best app to get PayPal rewards on my phone. You get 555 credits for free: https://make-money.top/app...

Actually got 5$ from it. Has daily bonus and a lot of games, surveys, quizes, etc.
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Pi is a new virtual currency developed by PhD students at Stanford, with over 35 million members worldwide. To get your Pi run this link https://minepi.com/vladtal... and use my username (vladtaltos) as the search code.


refferal code: GH10107415


Try this out. Get huge registration bonus, and some free cash you can not withdraw, but can invest in a plan, and get some income in a month. Collect INI tokens from daily bonus and refferals. Might be a scam, but sure looks promising.


One of the best and most trusted cloud miners. Get 3$ registration bonus. Reach 10$ treshold withing a week and withdraw your money.


Check this out -> You get $25 registration bonus, which can immidiately be invested (but not withdrawn), which leads to arround 9$ commission after 40 days. I will write again if proved legit.


Not bad crypto cloud miner, free bonus plan for a month, generating total $6.41 without the bonuses. Strict rules for withdraw, should carefully examine before buying hash power!!!


Cloud miner. Generate up to 20 cents per day with the free plan. Can buy power of increase (have not tried it yet). Can exchange cryptos for free.


Easy auto-facet, autogenerate small amounts of cryptocurrency. Click on ads for bonus and more. Does not requite much time.

Join crypto_tab. Legit cloud crypto miner. Easy and user-friendly.


You just install a google chrome extension or better - download and start the separate browser and that's all. Check it out.


Very cool site. Gives 5$ new user bonus, which can be immediately invested into a miner, which generates 1.2$ daily for 3 days, before cashing out.


Nice passive income. Legit.