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Domaining Buyer keyword Profits

What Are Buyer Keywords?

What Keywords are Buyer Keywords?

If you are Into SEO or Domaining, then this may be the most Golden question
for you, What Keywords are Buyer Keywords? And the next would
be why we need Buyer Keywords?

In next few lines, I am going to show you what actual buyer
keywords are and why they are important in your day to day SEO and Domaining.

Let me define Buyer Keyword first

Buyer Keywords are those keywords which actually provide
some urgent solution of a person problem.

For example, if a person is a seeking a solution to lose weight,
then a keyword that is actually providing an immediate solution of
the problem like a weight loss product name e.g. fat loss factor is
a buyer keyword.

Mostly you need to understand that people are looking for 2 types
of keywords on the web

1. Informative Keywords
2. Buyer Keywords

“Please make it clear that Informative Keywords are always
provided an information about the solution of the problem,
whereas Buyer Keywords are always provided immediate
Solution of the problem.”

Example of Informative Keyword

How To Lose Weight
How To Lose Weight Healthy
Lose Weight on Food Diet
Weight Loss Videos for Women
Best Weight Loss Programs

We know these are boring keywords, they have time to spare and
they have time to take a look on your site patience.

Examples Buyer Keywords

Get Rid of My Belly Fast/3 Day/Overnight/etc.....
Fat Burning Device
Fat Burning Device Cheap
Lose My Belly Fast
Fat Loss Factor
Buy Fat Loss Factor
Where To Buy Fat Loss Factor

So for buying keywords, you see buyers are in rush of need of the
product, or intend on getting for the product but might have
hesitated about them.

So all is clear now about Buyer Keywords Now .

What are Best Buyer Keywords?

You need to understand first that not every Buyer Keyword is the
best buyer keyword. You still need to find out the best ones if you
have already made a list of Buyer Keywords.

The truth is that one of the best types of "buying intention"
keyword is one with the actual product name in it. And I have a
very simple way for you to find best buyer keywords for you.

First Look for Buyer Keyword exactly

“product name”

And then use combination of buying words with product keywordc

"product" + discount
"product" + review
"product" + scam
"product" + delivery
buy "product"

The above mentions examples are the best way to find out your
best buying keywords to target.

There are many more Buying Keywords combinations that you
can use and then you find out the best buyer keywords for your
business , brand , and more..

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