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Too 144,000 followers...For now, I cannot reveal the reason of this project.

"One human life is more important than all mankind."
This is probably the most important teaching Elohim has ever brought.
Because it's a reminder that no cause in the universe can justify one human death. "
Rael Maitreya

By improving the level of awareness of individuals, we improve the level of consciousness of humanity and increase its chances of entering the golden age
To change society, you must first change the individuals who make up it.
Rael Maitraya

Rael's Message from E.T. vindicates Fermi's Concept. - YouTube

Rael's message from extraterrestrials is exactly what is expected from Fermi's concept. In the early 1940s, Enrico Fermi formulated that the extraterrestrial...

An Inconvenient Truth] The English word GOD ([) is the work of the worshipers of the Pharaoh's imaginary god, and the Christian freemasons of the Illuminati.

The Apocalypse (God's Revelation) of generation 666, which reveals all the truths of today.
Even if you tell the truth like that Sheep don't know what fools do.
I hope you all wake up.
This is Elohim the alien.

ELOHIM IN HEBREW literally means: Those who came from heaven! (astronauts)
Lucifer, the "Bearer of Light," enlightened the first humans when he revealed to them that the Creators were not "Gods," but men like themselves.
Lucifer is not Satan!
Lucifer is Latin for "Bringer of Light"
Satan is the Hebrew word for "spokesman of resistance".
"You will know the truth and the truth will set you free"