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What would improve opportunities and prospects for women looking for a career in telecoms?

This is one of the questions Melissa Cogavin (thanks for reaching out to me, Melissa) asked me when we talked about sharing my experience as a woman in technology with Broadband Journal.

My suggested advice stands for both women and men together, in all honesty: education, passion, and flexibility. Being involved in technology requires constant learning, experimentation and change. Individuals will improve their own prospects when they foster these values, meaning being open-minded as to how experiences of all types might contribute to their growth.

From an industry side though, we can encourage this through improved access to post-graduate (and indeed, even university level) mentoring. And

One more event to schedule this month.
But this is not just an event. We feel that our presence at Bridge Technologies HQ will also allow us to celebrate our gratitude to this innovative company and amazing team we have been working with for 17 years.
Good luck to all the Business Partners!
Do not miss the online event (YouTube on 31st May at 7.00p.m CET!
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When B2B brands, especially in individual technology markets, do have the capacity for relationship building, encounters with each other tend to be meaningful and in-depth.

We focus on building relationships both with and for our clients.

We look forward to meeting innovative companies that also invest in creating meaningful relationships and look for us to communicate that just as much as we communicate their technical expertise and the benefits of their product offerings.
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Media Production and Technology 2023 starts tomorrow!

How do we extend the life of your Content Creation?
We need to go back to the time when two of us were working in broadcast production and post.mpts-broadcast-xpresso-communications-content-creation
A passion that still inspires our daily writing.

Whenever we write about different manufacturers, tools, platforms and trends, both our experience and knowledge play a key role.

See you at The Media Production and Technology Show in London!

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AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA GmbH is gearing up to attend CABSAT, May 16–18 (Booth S3-C21) at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Demand for multiple-scale AV archiving projects continues to grow rapidly on a global and regional level and also in the Middle East, institutions are committed to maintaining their archives by digitizing and preserving them for easy future accessibility. The sparked interest in content preservation has convinced many establishments of the necessity to develop long-term digitization strategies to safeguard their audiovisual heritage.

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Back from Vegas!

Thanks to all clients, business partners, journalists, publishers, event organisers, industry friends who contributed to a successful and pleasant event.
Congrats to all the award winners!
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Grateful for a successful and pleasant NABShow. - YouTube

Xpresso Communications are back from Vegas!Thanks to all clients, business partners, journalists, publishers, event organisers, industry friends who contribu...

IP-based projects are growing worldwide. The future of the Broadcast industry is here.

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New Dolby® E monitoring for Bridge Technologies at 2023 NABShow... - YouTube

At the 2023 NABShow new monitoring and analytics tools for remote production and Broadcast were in great demand.Bridge Technologies demonstrated the enhanced...

How did a shy and petite girl (lady would be more appropriate) turn into a diva sitting in a limo?

This collage creates the wrong impression...Both visual and written communication can fake our perception either accidentally or maliciously. Some master this 'art'.

In this case though the true story is different from what the visuals portray.

When I arrived in Vegas I was tired but ready for an intense Show.

Somebody from the Broadcasting industry passed by while I was trying (struggling...) to take a selfie for my family. He was so kind to take a photo from the distance so that no marks of tiredness (and age..) would show. THANK YOU!

The second photo tells about how I accidentally ended up riding in a limo with friends who wanted to have a quick lunch before flying home. Q

How do I feel before attending (in a very energetic way) a trade show?
I simply focus on being there and dream of a lot of positive experiences.
I omit long travels aching feet, lack of sleep, jetlag..etc.

Happy moments like this one will be my fuel and get me in the flow!
Safe travels to all and see you (on the go) in Vegas!

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Last year when this photo was taken at the NABShow, Emmanuel Charlet wouldn't imagine that today we would both smile for a different reason.
Congrats to VP Media Solutions celebrating their new sole shareholder.
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Dream Chip to Launch IP Control for AtomOne Camera at NAB 2023.
New addition augments flexibility for the super-slow motion camera.
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New Centra Platform for Brodcasters.

IP-based broadcast is crucial for Sencore, but the booth will also feature other important areas of focus. Sencore will be revealing a range of enhancements that have been made to the VideoBRIDGE monitoring system, which has now been upgraded with a new 4-port RF blade capable of monitoring ATSC 3.0 broadcasts and critical new SCTE 35 ad insertion monitoring features. With this expanded functionality, the VideoBRIDGE system continues to represent an end-to-end monitoring tool of unparalleled functionality and density, allowing customers to monitor signals and streams from ingest, through processing, and to final delivery, all while ensuring ad revenue and regulatory compliance.

Astera to Demonstrate Creative Flexibility of Full Range at NAB 2023.

Astera – a leading developer of innovative light solutions for film and event markets – will be using their attendance at NAB 2023 (Booth C.5345) to showcase their growing portfolio of lighting solutions, which includes not only their core range of innovative lights, but a selection of add-on accessories which maximise the creative potential of the range as a whole.
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we would like to welcome everyone to join our Houses :

GlobalNation 🏡👉
Jazz 🏡 👉
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How can your company stand out in a Cacophony of content?

Connect or schedule a meeting at the next event: NABShow in Vegas!

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Book a meeting with Xpresso Communications! - YouTube

Join Xpresso Communications at NAB 2023! Follow us on Social Media for the latest industry updates. Do you have questions? Visit our website and drop us a li...

Furthering the 2022 incorporation of SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 marker monitoring into their suite of broadcast monitoring probes – including the flagship VB330, Bridge Technologies today announce the addition of a continuous log record feature that will grant broadcasters the ability to not only monitor and control SCTE 104 and 35 events through alarming, but also visually document and review the integration of downstream ad insertion on the VB330.

Recording of up to 200 channels in parallel will be facilitated on the VB330 Appliance probe, triggered either by events, or on a ring buffer basis with user-customisable loop duration. Trigger-based recording is prompted by reference to the comprehensive set of SCTE 104/35 error alarms already present within the VB330 (of which there are over

Goog morning/evening everyone!

Getting ready for the NABshow! I look forward to meeting industry peers and getting all technology updates.

The 2023 NAB Show Centennial will be the pinnacle for all in the global broadcast, media and entertainment industry. A portal to next-generation technology. A catalyst for best-in-breed products. A place to experience the power of possibility in people met and products discovered.

In an arc spanning the last century, NAB Show has been influential in evolving our industry. Sound to picture. Analog to digital. Static to immersive.

Invitation to NAB 2023 - meet up with Xpresso Communications - YouTube

NAB 2023 is a great chance to meet up with Xpresso Communications. Schedule a meeting on our website:!