Thinkin NFT Airdrop Event
🎁 Total reward : 50 NFTs and 1,000 Tester Role spots


💎Jaguar touch is a NFT collection with 16,000 3D NFTs rendered in 8K resolution and made by best artists in industry

NFT collection is on Ethereum


1- We’re giving away 100,000$ in total

2- 5000 Whitelist spots
( 1500 spots is on this bot)

3- 60 Free NFT mints
( 30 free mints on this bot )

📜Airdrop details:

• Each Verified referral = 0.1 USDT (0.1$)

( we may increase the prize to 2 or more if we see enough engagement)

🔒Note : Our bot check every account to see if they are really joined our discord and Twitter
If you use fake info on our bot your account won’t be activated

• 1500 whitelist spots for anyone with more than 80 Points ( 1 referral = 1 point)

• 30 free NFT mints to Top 10 users with most referrals

All the

Despite these numbers there remain question marks over the usability and future of NFTs. "After all," says Reyes, "what is the point in paying thousands, sometimes millions, for a digital image of a monkey or a pixelated character that can be easily reproduced online?"

If you're unsure about non-fungible tokens we have a guide to what are NFTs, which is an essential read. NFTs can be used for all most anything but we explain how developers are adapting to the rise of NFT gaming, and we list the best NFT games to play now.

NFT gaming is growing fast, but more importantly NFT gamers are finding a purpose in their hobby. Sales of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, has risen from under $100 million in 2020 to $25 billion in 2021, as measured by DappRadar. The passing fad is here to stay and NFT games are one area that digital artists and animators should take notice of as titles such as The Sandbox become more popular.

Interoperability: The traditional online gaming model relies on centralized servers. Such games operate on disparate systems. When it comes to gaming NFTs, they can be designed to be transferable, interconnected and interoperable with other games built on the identical underlying blockchain. The player then has the freedom to use them in other games (if other games support those assets) or to sell them to other players.

Provable scarcity: The scarcity of gaming NFTs can be proven via the immutable records of the blockchain. This is important when you consider that rarity and authenticity are valuable traits in the minds of collectors. Furthermore, gaming NFTs cannot be tampered with or duplicated due to the immutable record generated on the blockchain upon digital asset issuance

Ownership: In traditional gaming, in-game purchases are non-transferable investments locked within a single gaming world. Gaming NFTs bestow ownership of in-game assets to players. That ownership is more meaningful as it’s not restricted within the game publisher’s walled garden.

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