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NO. 1
*Millionaire Demolishes Old Man’s House, Unexpectedly Sees His Childhood Photo among Ruins 
Story of the day*

A rude millionaire who believed money could buy anything demolished a poor old man’s house to build a mall. While checking the ruins later, he accidentally found his childhood photo among the rubble.

Can a person’s greed for riches blind them so miserably that they destroy someone else’s dreams to build theirs? In July 2021, Florida-based real estate tycoon Elliot Morris happened to shatter a poor old man’s dreams to fulfill his pursuit of wealth.

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Countries that use the most emojis in text messages
according to an article published in July 2021, the French use at least 1 emoji symbol in 19.8% of every message sent. Russians use an emoji in around 10.9% of messages sent. Argentina uses an emoji around 3.1% of messages. As you can see, different countries use emojis a varying amount. You can see some numbers in the link below:



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