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What is intelmodels and what is it for? Each intelmodel consists of a certain type of processes. The intelmodel is a linguistically unlimited structure and component of analysis. Intelmodels are needed for engineering in the areas of meta-teaching.

What is meta-teaching and what is it for? Meta-teaching is a system of fundamental concepts and operations with them. This is oriented on working with schematic phenomena that contain a data structure. Meta-teaching is necessary in order to produce benefits by funding and performing demanded tasks.

Hi! Times change, as do events in my life and I evolve over time. I have discovered the world of intel models, meta-teaching and the complexity of demand, and I dream of making money on this. An intel model is a realizable mathematical problem, and meta-learning is the environment in which this task is performed. These 2 modules are needed to perform an engineering task in a programming environment. These 2 modules will be connected to a database, for example, and only with the help of these modules it will be possible to perform a task: for example, to change the structure of the database. Payment will be taken for this change.

POWER OPTIMIZATION. Based on the aspects of METRICS HOLD directions, we will choose the most optimal route to achieve the goals.

METRICS HOLD. What are my services on my platform for online and offline earnings? Firstly, it is to provide areas of activity and reveal every aspect of these areas. Secondly , write software so that performers can perform technical tasks . Thirdly, it is to make my platform where projects will be uploaded valuable for the customer.

COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching . The logical structure (meta-model) of the level of basic specifics, on which basis is formed the meta-teaching, able to serve as a unified conceptual basis for all the fundamental sciences, including philosophy and psychology.

METRICS HOLD. My earnings platform consists of multifunctional models. The meta model differs from the model in a more general range of values

It all started with the development of psychophysiological capabilities in 2017 in Russia. The post is about finding a labour in this field. Finding literally the task that should be implemented is the basis for this business. And then the desired project is simply ordered. Now it's time to scale up and decide which areas to work with next.

An important release COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Finding a labour.

I discovered a new type of activity - the compilation and monetization of technical concepts. My blog is about it. I've been doing this since 2017. Now I am actively collecting and studying information on this issue. Thank you for support.

METRICS HOLD. Professions online earning: NLP Engineer. Engineer of high-tech devices. Project modeling professional.

/COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching: The world of pragmatics. Market Unit: Intelmodel. And the performance series.

Project number 5 COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching, Market units, Toolboxes and other.

Project number 4 FINANCING. Sources, type of money, manipulations and more.

Project number 3 ABUNDANCE OF FACTORS. Harmonization of intellectual capabilities.

Project number 2 POWER OPTIMIZATION. Setting up processes for the highest productivity through navigation selection.

The project is the first METRICS HOLD. A platform for online and offline earnings, and accelerated talent development.