The secret to ranking in Google?

It’s hiding in plain sight.

1. Google your target keyword
2. Analyse the results on page 1
3. Reverse engineer what’s working

Google is rewarding these websites out of 1,000s of pages.

Understand why.

- What’s the average word count?
- What subtopics are they covering?
- If so, how did they win the current snippet?
- How many high-quality backlinks do they have?
- How many times are they using target keywords?
- Where on the page are they using target keywords?

Then test your findings on the page you’re trying to rank.

You can do this manually for free.

Or use tools to speed up the process.


Semrush will help you get this research done faster.

Ranking in Google is difficult.


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My mum introduced me to tumeric and ginger milk(just adding tumeric and ginger to your boiling milk) because I was struggling with my sleep and anxiety and it's done wonders! I sleep 7-8 hours peacefully and I'm even able to sleep as early as 10pm. Panic attacks have reduced.


Nobody likes pain.

But for some reasons,the forces that control this world decided to attach the things we desire to pain.

> Want to be physically fit? Pain

> Want to become successful in your career? Pain

> Want to make a lot of money? Pain

The solution?

Embrace Pain.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Egyptian and Ethiopian New Year.

Egypt marked its 6,264th year.

In just 6 months, you can transform yourself into a superhuman, here's how:

• Wake up at 4am
• Exercise 5x a week
• Take cold showers
• Read daily 50+ pages
• Have a 20 mins walk
• Sleep 7 hours a day.
• Settle for 4 hrs of deep work

What else would you add?


Skies clearing over Buckingham Palace with the arrival of a double rainbow. Is this a sign of a heavenly reunion or What?

#QueenElizabeth #uk

7 free websites illustrations for UI/UX designers (Part 1)

1️⃣ - unDraw (

2️⃣ - DrawKit (

3️⃣ - Manypixels Illustrations (

4️⃣ - Skribbl (

5️⃣ - Sketchvalley (

6️⃣ - Ira Design (

7️⃣ - MixKit Art (

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This man makes $245k a year as a wedding guitarist.

Nothing we've been taught about adulthood is real. Go do whatever you want.

Use work to earn money.

Use money to buy assets.

Use assets to buy freedom and build wealth.

If you need contracts God will do it
If you need employment God will do it
If you need Visa God will do it
If you need healing God will do it
If you need financial favor God will do it
If you need conception God will do it
If you need scholarship God will do it

Love this:

Most people don't start.

Most people who start don't continue.

Most people who continue give up.

Many winners are just the last ones standing.

Don't give up.

— Sahil Lavingia
( The Minimalist Entrepreneur )

5 Reliable Content Writing Tools I use Everyday

1. Grammarly ── Correct mistakes

2. Hemingway ── Increase the readability

3. Buzzsumo ── Generate new content ideas

4. Power Thesaurus ── Replace weak words

5. Quillbot ── Get Ai inspiration on how to Rewrite

Every man needs exactly 3 hobbies.

A physical one (lifting, martial arts, team sports...)

A cerebral one (reading, chess, mathematics...)

And a creative one (music, writing, painting...)

Commit to one of each and you will never feel lost again.

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How To Sell On Amazon: Step-By-Step To FBA

In this course, we will take you step-by-step in finding a profitable product to import or manufacturer, set up your product listing, and start selling it on Amazon! We will teach you proven techniques for launching a successful business on Amazon.

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Put Your Business On The Map - Local SEO

Learn a complete framework for ranking your local business in Google with this in-depth local search engine optimization course.

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Conduct professional competitor research

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And lots more....

"Good health is a crown on the head of a well person that only a sick person can see." – Rohit Sharma

We're so busy trying to earn money, enrich our lives, and get our careers going that we forget to take care of ourselves. I'm here to tell you to slow down. You need to give your body, your health, the attention it needs. Rest, eat good food, and exercise. Nourish your body as you do your bank accounts.

Jesus fed the 5,000 but only 500 followed him after lunch. He had 12 disciples but only 3 prayed with him in the garden before his arrest. Then, only 1 stood with him at the cross. The closer you get to the cross, the smaller the crowd becomes

Your skills build your income.

Your income should be saved to invest.

You invest cash flow-producing assets.

Your assets build passive income.

Your passive income builds wealth.

Your wealth builds financial freedom.

That's The Blueprint.

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Work hard on yourself than you work hard on your job.

If you work hard on yourself, you can make a living, but if you work on yourself you will make a fortune.

#JimRohn #motivation

Do not try to be the man your father would want you to be. Be the man you would like your son to be be. It more clearly defines your own convictions, desires, goals, and motivates you to be your best

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