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This is my Monday's tip: How do you encrypt passwords using permutation cipher in Python?

Check this reference: https://www.youtube.com/wa...

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#100daysofcode | Day 16: Permutation Cipher in Python - YouTube

You can learn how to encrypt passwords using permutation cipher in python. The problem is available on codesignal website.#python #interviewquestions #python...

This is very helpful to boost your video on YouTube by searching keywords of the most popular video on YouTube

How to Get YouTube Video Keywords in Python - YouTube

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5 Reliable Content Writing Tools I use Everyday

1. Grammarly ── Correct mistakes

2. Hemingway ── Increase the readability

3. Buzzsumo ── Generate new content ideas

4. Power Thesaurus ── Replace weak words

5. Quillbot ── Get Ai inspiration on how to Rewrite

NO. 6
Before leaving, a teary-eyed Joe looked at Elliot and said, “You’ve changed a lot, young man. Money has blinded you and ruined your soul…You cannot buy everything with money.” “What rubbish! Take this old man from here,” Elliot ordered. He brushed Joe’s words as nothing and walked further to watch the house being torn down. Joy filled his heart as he saw the bricks and roof chipping away from the building, crashing onto the ground.

Put Your Business On The Map - Local SEO

Learn a complete framework for ranking your local business in Google with this in-depth local search engine optimization course.

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Conduct thorough keyword research to target the right local keywords for your site

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Copywriting is one of the most important parts of successful marketing.

The better your ad copy, the more likely someone will click, buy, and even come back.

Many marketers struggle with this.

So it doesn't matter if you offer a product or a service.

The crux of the matter is understanding how to create ad copy that sells and what you need to do to gain audience empathy.

A good ad must catch customers' attention before it leads to successful conversions.

You have to convince your potential buyers with words and visuals to get interested in something they can't touch, smell, or taste.

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7 spam trigger words you should avoid at all cost

1. Urgent
2. 100%
3. Cheap
4. Miracle
5. You’ve been selected!
6. Lose
7. Money back

Keywords Give Your Readers the Chance to Opt In to Your List-

You Need to Tackle Keywords

Making Bank With Both Broad and Long Tail Keywords

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