Surprising ‘forbidden planet’ discovered outside our solar system

Astronomers have found an unusually large planet orbiting a small star, located about 280 light-years from Earth.

The unexpected size of the newly discovered world, called TOI 5205b, has led researchers to call it the “forbidden planet.”

The planet-hunting mission, launched in 2018, surveys the light of the nearest and brightest stars to spot dips in starlight, which suggests those stars have planets orbiting them. The TESS mission has found thousands of potential planets.

The exoplanet orbits a red dwarf star called TOI-5205, which is about 40% the size and mass of our sun, and about 5,660 degrees Fahrenheit (3,127 degrees Celsius) in temperature compared with the sun’s blazing average of 9,980 F (5,527 C).

Two small islands that sit atop the waves in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean are actually the peaks of the largest volcano in the world, according to a new study.

Pūhāhonu, which means "turtle rising for breath" in Hawaiian, is located about 1,100 kilometers northwest of Honolulu. It is a shield volcano that rises to around 4,500 meters from the ocean floor and has only one lava source.

In an analysis published last month, researchers estimate that Pūhāhonu has around 150,000 cubic kilometers of mass. However, only a third of that mass is above the sea floor, while the rest is buried under materials eroded from the summit. The volcano is so large that it has caused the surface of the nearby Earth to sink hundreds of meters over millions of years.

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