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The #relationship between #people and #nature is #disturbed .
Over the past few months, more than a third of the world’s population has been forced to isolate itself from friends, family and the community.

If we do not improve our relationship with nature, this pandemic will only be part of a long list of new #diseases that will #affect #Global stability, #economic growth and human well-being.

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Together we can respond to this global crisis and strengthen our planet and our communities.

#nature #torn #tornnature

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mine truth
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Your Truth or Mine?
But what if the real truth is not what they, or you, think?
There is a significant parallel between the relationship between rational belief and truth. This is not easy because everything can only be achieved through joint efforts. Understanding how local success contributes to national prosperity best illuminates the connection between rational belief and truth.
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Strive to develop the page on sincere support, according to many life options, cases in interpersonal relationships, marital relationships ...
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