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Emoji Usage leads to more successful dating?
There was a study done by Match.com back in 2015 that said that users that used emojis more in their communication led to more dating and extracurricular activities then those who didn't. Match polled 5,675 non Match using singles and the exact number was 54% of people had more fun that were emoji users as opposed to 31% who did not use emojis. Obviously there might not be an exact causation, but there is a correlation here. Here's the link to the article from Time magazine.



Students can use emojis in the classroom
People communicate with the use of emojis to express their emotion and their state of being in todays day and age. If people do this using messenger, students can use some emojis to respond to different questions that teachers can pose. Maybe this can make a survey style question and answer fun for students in the classroom as well. Below is an article on how teachers can potentially use this idea:



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Countries that use the most emojis in text messages
according to an article published in July 2021, the French use at least 1 emoji symbol in 19.8% of every message sent. Russians use an emoji in around 10.9% of messages sent. Argentina uses an emoji around 3.1% of messages. As you can see, different countries use emojis a varying amount. You can see some numbers in the link below:



working on fixing some bugs at http://www.photostamped.co... .. but its a iOS app that allows users to stamp photos with fun digital stickers and share it to different social media!

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