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Hi..i love plants and i write about what i like at my blog, maybe you can checkt it if you mind

Hi..i love plants and i write about what i like at my blog, maybe you can checkt it if you mind

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success belongs to those who wake up every morning and pursue their dreams regardless of the hardships.

success is for those who have made up their mind not to give up, not to give in and not to throw in the towel.

it is for those who have said "it is not going to be over until i win", success is for those who don't suffer from "what will people say syndrome".

success is for you, never underestimate the ability and the potential that has been invested in you. you've got greatness within you and you deserve to be successful.😊😊👍

Everything you do in life is a seed
Good 😍 or bad 😈😱🌚
But bear in mind the harvest is always greater than the seed💯💯.

Always bear it in mind that when you re struggling , only few people will be there for you and when you get to the top ,you ll get many admirers. Some are admiring you for God's sake while others are admiring you just to bring you down and trample on you.

NO. 8
“That’s me,” he exclaimed again. “But what is our photo doing in this old man’s house? I have to find out,” he said and immediately drove to the nursing home to see Joe.“You? Why have you come here? Aren’t you happy yet?” the old man cried after seeing the young builder. “What more have you come to destroy?”Joe refused to look at Elliot, who held his hand and showed him the photo he’d recovered from the demolished ruins.“How did you get my mom’s photo?” he asked. “That’s me with her. Do you know my mom? What is your relationship with her?” Elliot was furious. He had known that his mother was a single parent, and finding her picture in Joe’s house raised many questions in his mind.

NO. 4
Poor Joe was worried. He refused to accept a dime in exchange for his beloved house and kept crying. But Elliot was far from kind and walked away, grinning. “Two weeks and I’ll be back,” Joe heard the rude rich man’s faint voice from outside. Joe’s house was a bit farther away from his clustered neighborhood, so nobody stepped forward in his favor. The two weeks were nothing short of nightmarish for the poor old man. He hoped something would happen and change the rich man’s mind. He anticipated a miracle and never packed his things. But before he knew it, the day for the demolition had arrived.

NO. 2
Elliot was looking for a perfect landscape to build a deluxe mall in the city when his eyes fell upon old Joe Brooke’s land. The young builder loved the location and fixed his mind to raising his new mall there. He decided to tear down the old man’s house on the plot. When old Joe objected to it, Elliot saw him as nothing more than a thorn in his way that was easy to get rid of…Please, I beg of you. I don’t have anybody, and this house is the only treasured memory I have of my late wife,” Joe begged Elliot, who had visited with his men. “I have nowhere to go. Please don’t make me homeless.”

The beautiful landscape builds your mind peace, like you are living in a temple...

Take Care of Your Health.

A healthy body and mind are able to perform at its best level, which of course increases confidence.

Hey, I found this ebook about how to attract man and it's so true. The methods in there would totally get me. What do you think about it?

Here is one of my favourite tips

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Women
I understand the instinct to compare yourself to other women and to other people in general. Maybe you see another woman and you think to yourself, “if only I had ....” (insert whatever it is that you wish you could change about yourself that she has).

Take this mindset and put it aside.

They have 15 more of those tips. Here is a link to the FREE ebook.

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