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The name Wildhawk was inspired by a European transplant hell-raiser with a firecracker persona named Lola Montez who was referred to often as a “Wildhawk.”

In response Ken Mackenzie to his Publication

Lolli got cut off, here's the link.

Hey people, welcome to 2024!
As I mentioned in my last post, I waited til after the New Year to cash out on Cointiply and Lolli.

Received Bitcoin
+0.00186548 BTC
≈ $84.25
1/2/2024 5:15 PM

Received Bitcoin
0.00032856 BTC
12:05 PM – 1/9/2024

Cointiply took a day to receive, Lolli took a week.

For those of you who haven't heard, the SEC in the US approved 11 BTC ETF's. This means all those people who were scared of investing in BTC through Coinbase, Binance, etc. will now have an easy way to do it without the worry of where to hold it.
In the first week, these ETFs are holding about 64,822 BTC worth about $2.75 billion.

Now is the time to get into crypto, before the masses run the price to the sky.

Üdv Mindenkinek!
💥 Ide érdemes befizetni is !💥
Most indul a LEAF!
Naponta egyszer bejelentkezünk és rá nyomunk 1 db gomb-ra! ennyi a feladat.
Csak egy fiókot nyithatunk mert kizárnak.
Itt tudsz egyszerűen ingyenesen regisztrálni:
Regi után: ha most regisztrálsz 9.-én jóváírnak 200$
Vip 1-et Kell aktiváld. Ez 12$ és ezzel 1095$ tudsz kihozni !
Ennyi az egész jó.
Ha többet akarsz kihozni akkor érdemes nagyobbra is befizetni de ingyen is ki tudsz belőlle szedni elég sokat ha embereket meghívsz!
3$ dollártól már működik a kifizetés.

Regizz nyugodtan:
kodom: 711215

Hi all, and a Happy New Year to everyone. Since we are now in a new year, I thought I would give you a wrapup of what I earned with faucets in 2023.

Bear in mind, I work on them for 15 minutes to 1 hour per day, mostly doing surveys.

Total SATs rec'd - 1913123
Tot value when rec'd - $464.50
Tot value now - 867.37

Earnings came from
Cointiply - $182.69
EarnBTC - $133.30
Freecash - $72.97
Lolli - $68.82
SatoshiMonster - $6.72

It would have been higher, but I held off requesting a payment form Cointiply and Lolli until Jan 1, which would have added to an additional $100.

Let me know how you did last year in the comments!

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