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Am I the only one or am I just tripping?
I feel like this platform is filled with lots of bot.
Are there real people here?
Who's up for a real chat?
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It looks like Twitter........ Nice one to have it.... Mmmmmmmmmmm

How does the hacker group Anonymous work?
How are they able to hack into Russian places when other intelligence agencies were also likely trying to hack into the same places even before the Ukraine invasion? What makes Anonymous uniquely able to do this hacking? Also how does membership, recruitment, and organization work if the whole movement is based on anonymity?

The zodiac signs of the world's richest people
Are untold riches written in the stars for some people? Well, some billionaires have more in common than just their enviable bank balances—many of the world's super-rich share the same zodiac sign. But are some star signs more likely than others to bring in the megabucks? And how does your zodiac sign stack up?
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