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Bankor was the idea of a global supranational currency proposed
by British economist John Maynard Keynes after World War II to maintain economic peace. The name Bankor comes from the
French: 'banque' - a bank of gold.

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What is a NOTEBOOK file?

The NOTEBOOK file contains the notebook created
SMART Notebook software, which allows #teachers
creating #dynamic materials for #classroom lectures.
It can store notes, diagrams, pictures, audio and video.
NOTEBOOK files are used to store and
sharing #digital #notes with lectures with teachers and #students .

Possible uses:
File management platform.
Organizational tool.
Cooperation network.
Cloud platform.

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Meta By FB

In the race of Meta Domain we created the mixture of Meta and FB as it was a merger of companies one side is Meta and the other side is FB and the middle high value keyword is BY

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MetaSharePrice.Com 👍

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Domain Name for Real-time notifications, Stock price,news, quote and history keep posting vital information to help with stock trading & investing Cryptocurrency.
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Acronym best performing American tech stocks in the market: Meta (formerly Facebook)
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Great extension: Uses the .com extension.

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