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*What works for one person may be that which will kill you*

*Focus on the gifts and talents God gave you and don’t be envious of the blessings He gave others_*

*Both Lion and Shark are professional hunters, BUT:*

*A Lion cannot hunt in the Ocean and a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle*

*That a Lion cannot hunt in the ocean doesn't make him useless and that a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle doesn't also make him useless both have their own territory where they can do well*

*If a rose smells better than tomatoes, It doesn't mean the rose can make a better stew*

*Don't try to compare yourself to others*


"Highest population of leopards in the world!"
Yala National Park Tourism
Sprawled over 979 square kilometres, Yala National Park in southeast Sri Lanka is the nation’s largest and most-visited wildlife conservation zone. As Lanka’s oldest wildlife sanctuary, Yala shelters a vast area of unspoilt jungles, grassland and lagoons bordering the Indian Ocean, home to the highest population of leopards on the planet, alongside Sri Lankan elephants, crocodiles, and over 400 bird species.

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