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7 Day’s (in-house) TV reality show for all entrepreneurs, innovators, young businessmen & women, and students across Ghana within all industries to share, showcase and tell the story of their brands, businesses, products, services and initiatives, for support, funding, investment, collaboration, partnership and business deals. Registration link: #entrepreneurs #business #funding #investment #share #students


Adriana Rolly created a crowdfunding project through Airfunding, and I think you may be interested in supporting it through this URL:

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I am asking and begging for your help
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My mother took me out of school at the age of 15, I am looking to get my education back but I need your help. Link to my donation below.

What is meta-teaching and what is it for? Meta-teaching is a system of fundamental concepts and operations with them. This is oriented on working with schematic phenomena that contain a data structure. Meta-teaching is necessary in order to produce benefits by funding and performing demanded tasks.

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Make the banking industry by making credit more accessible and accessible to non-banking countries and non-banking countries.

With this domain name

can serve as decentralized
a platform funded by cryptocurrencies.
Designed and customized to serve as
source of funding
focused on meeting demand.

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