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Secrets of Using Tubebuddy and Other Social Media Apps to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Secrets of Using Tubebuddy and Other Social Media Apps to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Paranormal Prison...

The impending destruction of the abandoned prison sends "The Skeptic and the Scientist" paranormal investigation team rushing to spend the night locked within the prison walls before the wrecking ball starts swinging turning the nation's historic buildings into condominiums. Knowing their channel needs airing, team leader Matthew (Todd Haberkorn) funds one last ditch effort in the hope that the tech geek Sara (Paris Warner) has created will be their ticket to fame and fortune.

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NO. 13
In the end, Elliot built a couple of retirement homes for older adults in the city. He helped people in need and never tore down another house that belonged to someone else unless they were willing.

What can we learn from this story?

Do not ruin someone else’s happiness to build your dreams. In Elliot’s efforts to build his mall, he destroyed old Joe’s beloved house. He did not consider the old man’s pleas and ruined his happiness to fulfill his own.

Create something useful for others when you get a chance. When Elliot realized his mistake, he apologized to Joe and built a house for him. And because he had the resources, he did his best to help the needy.


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