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In this generation, passive income is the big deal, it's not just enough to receive a salary, you will agree with me that we need much more than salaries to survive, there has to be something that comes before and even after the salary. That is why am so particular about making passive income. I feel this is the only way we can get enough to live the comfortable life we desire. Hi, I am MrMiller and I talk passive income strategies. let's connect on #LINKEDIN there's so much to talk about.😍

What is commerce ?

Commerce is the study that relates to the distribution of products from the producer to the end user.

Chain of Production

Products are the goods and services produced by an individual or a company, to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers.

Production is any activity which serves to satisfy human needs and wants. It means changing the form of resources and adding value to them according to the desires of the consumer.

Chain of production

The chain of production involves a series of stages, which add value to the end product. Production chain is the steps taken to convert raw materials into goods. It combines all the three stages of production and ends when the form of good is changed. Production cycl

Top 10 Reasons to Buy LifeInsurance

Life insurance is one of those things that just about all and sundry needs however some distance too few people virtually have. It’s clean to take away buying coverage when you’re younger and relatively healthy. But the longer you wait, the extra the hazard of something going on earlier than you get yourself insurance. Maybe shopping for lifestyles coverage has been on your to-do listing for a while but you haven’t gotten around to it but. Here are 10 reasons why you can’t come up with the money to attend to any extent further.
A financial advisor assists you to put an estate plan together for your circle of relatives’ desires.

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Nobody likes pain.

But for some reasons,the forces that control this world decided to attach the things we desire to pain.

> Want to be physically fit? Pain

> Want to become successful in your career? Pain

> Want to make a lot of money? Pain

The solution?

Embrace Pain.

The PRO365 Dual Wide Ab roller has been engineered with a unique design that allows the user to achieve their desired resistance (2.5 lbs. / 6 lbs). The perfect ab workout routine can be executed using this easy-to-use ab roller, which is safe and durable. The dual wide ab roller has been specifically designed to ramp up the intensity of your core workout session. With a smooth rolling surface, you can focus on contracting your abdominals in unison and achieving better results as you roll out.

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Star-Clicks is an online advertising network that provides publishers with advertising, ads serving and a monetization capabilities. Provide a publisher account and an advertiser account. Publisher accounts are designed to make money online. This site is really good for turning your time into extra money that you can easily earn. I joined this site as a free member from August 14, 2021, and 10 days later I became a paid member because of better learning and income opportunities.


Do not try to be the man your father would want you to be. Be the man you would like your son to be be. It more clearly defines your own convictions, desires, goals, and motivates you to be your best

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" olli " If you are working next to this quote

Natural interest in the welfare of people around the world,and a desire to help and serve others in a humanitarian way do so from a position that you work and training,which will increase your chances significantly to Find your Momentum

Mission is to encourage its Independent Marketers to achieve personal financial independence
By promoting and coordinating the networking activities of marketers through a structured program of education,sales of cutting-edge products, rewards and incentive plans,the goal is to assist millions of people to succeed at creating their financial dream.

.T.I.R.® In a market primed for success,and give people the freedom means to enjoy life the way they've alw

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Determination and persistent is the key to success. Most people desire so much to be successful but few are have the readiness to pay the price required to succeed. The question ❓ is are you ready pay the price..... #staystrong #remainfocused #pushyourself

There is not such thing as a perfect friendship, nor perfect family or collegues. Whatmatters is trying to improve our imperfections and faults so that all kinds of relationships may work out.
After all, we are all brothers and sisters with a common desire of happiness and we all walk through this adventurous road called life.
Have a wonderful day that is what i wish for all of us.😁

Enjoy your time with your partner. Explore each others enery what is it she/him needing. Sex without GOD us empty never satisfied. A worthy wife shall be seeked over gold. For she may bring a Man to satisfy his desires.

It all started with the development of psychophysiological capabilities in 2017 in Russia. The post is about finding a labour in this field. Finding literally the task that should be implemented is the basis for this business. And then the desired project is simply ordered. Now it's time to scale up and decide which areas to work with next.

In response Esther Clement to her Publication

It all started with the development of psychophysiological capabilities in 2017 in Russia. The post is about finding a labour in this field. Finding literally the task that should be implemented is the basis for this business. And then the desired project is simply ordered. Now it's time to scale up and decide which areas to work with next.

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