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Are you a Pythonista and want to know how to reduce searching complexity by sorting dictionary data by key or value in #Python

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Sort Dictionary by Key and Value in Python - YouTube

In this tutorial, I have practically explained how to sort dictionary data by key or value in Python. -------------------------------------------------------...

beauty of sri lanka

Known For : Sigiriya Rock Sigiriya Museum Pidurangala Rock

Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, Sigiriya serves as a fine example of ancient urban planning. Sigiriya is a significant site of the Cultural Triangle and perhaps Sri Lanka’s most iconic historical destination. The site, also known as Lion Rock, is recognized all over the world for the remains of the ancient Sigiriya Rock Fortress and its numerous enchanting and well-preserved attractions. The complex hydraulics system at the fortress enhances the site’s reputation as a beautiful place in Sri Lanka for classical city planning.

Best Time: February to April

13 Sigiriya Attractions

Hi! Times change, as do events in my life and I evolve over time. I have discovered the world of intel models, meta-teaching and the complexity of demand, and I dream of making money on this. An intel model is a realizable mathematical problem, and meta-learning is the environment in which this task is performed. These 2 modules are needed to perform an engineering task in a programming environment. These 2 modules will be connected to a database, for example, and only with the help of these modules it will be possible to perform a task: for example, to change the structure of the database. Payment will be taken for this change.

COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching . The logical structure (meta-model) of the level of basic specifics, on which basis is formed the meta-teaching, able to serve as a unified conceptual basis for all the fundamental sciences, including philosophy and psychology.

An important release COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Finding a labour.

/COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching: The world of pragmatics. Market Unit: Intelmodel. And the performance series.

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