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UN FAO/IAFN Accelerator Mentorship Programme 2022 for Women-led SMEs in Africa

The mentorship programme aims to support women entrepreneurs in addressing key challenges and constraints they face in their businesses.

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5 step process to start affiliate marketing:

You find a product you want to promote

Do a search for “product name” affiliate program. If it’s on Amazon, you can also promote it

Sign up for their affiliate program

You get a special link that allows the merchant to track the people who clicked your link

If they buy the product, you get a commission.

Pretty simple, right?

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2 Things To always focus on If you want to create Tiktok video that will go viral:

1. Hook:

Something that grabs people’s attention in the first 1-3 seconds Could be some clickbait text

10 Tiktok organic Hooks that might make you go Viral
1. My biggest regret is ___
2. Here's something i wish i knew sooner
3. This ___ will keep you from getting bored in class
4. You need this if ___
5. Before you scroll ___
6. How to confuse everyone at (school/work)
7. For my male audience
8. My step sister ___
9. I spent 3 years designing this ___
10. If you ___ listen up

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2. Create Controversy in your Videos:

Some thing that makes people go what the fuck and comment/c

We noticed there was a gap in the market - namely, that low-cost hairdryers often compromised on quality.

More customers don't know which hairdryers are worth buying.

We asked ourselves: "Why can't support good and money-worth hairdryers for each family?"Armed with a passion for personal care products, we challenged ourselves to make this a reality.


Over the past several years, we've done exactly that! we believing that we can create more competitive products for every family.

The first hairdryer showed on Amazon, Walmart etc. highly welcome by each family!

Our philosophy has ensured people of all means are able to buy top-quality products that save them time in general.

#hair #hairdress #hairdryer


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