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RELAX TIME- lofi hip hop , beats to relax and focusing on the study. - YouTube

RELAX TIME - lo-fi hip hop, beats to relax and focus on the study Take a break from studying with some chilled-out hip-hop beats! We've got some mellow vibes...

What work for others may not work for you true but did you at least try. The biggest failure is we not even trying. Keep calm and keep focus. Never stop trying

It's a nice, calm Sunday, and today there's finally no heat wave!

Illustrated Journaling: 14 Days of Prompts
About This Class
In this class we’ll be taking a mindful approach to working together through 14 days of illustrated journal prompts to promote calm and pressure-free creativity. The supplies are basic; markers and pens (or whatever coloring tool you have lying around), and time set aside each day to support our mental health, as well as refill our ever-draining-wells. Grab your supplies (there’s a list on the project and resources tab!) and let’s hop to it!

Here are the prompts we’ll be exploring:

Currently Listening to (hearing impaired? Don't worry, we'll cover some alternate approaches)
Recently I Learned
Creating with
Latest Reading Materials (open to all types of media)
Ingredients to my Mess

This amazing scene can't be only seen in movies but in real life as well, the only thing you need is to focus and calmness....

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