4 Easy Ways To Make $100 Dollars A Day Online In 2022

There are plenty of ways to make an extra $100 in a day, below are some:

1. Complete surveys
Completing surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money as you can literally do it from anywhere.

2.Play games

3.Start a blog
If you feel you have something to say that people want to hear, why not consider starting a blog? It’s incredibly easy to start blogging.
I always recommend Bluehost as a great host for anyone launching their new site.

4. Create an online course
If you have a bit of expertise in a certain area, then there’s almost certainly someone out there who’ll be willing to pay you to learn from your knowl

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Step 1: Submit Website or Page
Submit your Personal/Business Website, Facebook Page, Pinterest Page, Twitter Page, or a YouTube Channel.

Submit Website or Page in the program

Step 2: Collect Tokens
Token serves as your money on LinkCollider. You will pay tokens to the other users of LinkCollider to give you tweets, likes, shares, blog posts, followers, website traffic, and subscribers.

Example: 1 Tweet = 20 Tokens

Collect Tokens (Free) OR Buy Tokens

Step 3: Check your Dashboard
The last step is to manage your website(s) and check how many activities (e.g. tweet, like, share, etc.) you've got.

Important Note: It may take hours or even days to get a good amount of activities. So keep coming back to your dash

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4R's of Building Wealth!
1. Rent(Property and Equipment)
2.Royalty(Creative work i.e books,songs,blogs)
3.Rights(Permission to use Intellectual property-Brands,Franchise,Licencing)
4.Returns(from investment-stocks,bank deposit,loan interests)
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