NO. 9
“Tell me…how do you know my mother?” Joe, who remained silent, finally spoke out, revealing something Elliot never knew.

“I found your mother Samantha on the road with a baby in her arms 30 years ago,” Joe said. “I was on my way home from my wife’s funeral and found your mom hopeless and drenched in the rain while trying to protect you.”

As Elliot heard this, tears slowly started to fill his eyes. “Then what happened?” he curiously asked. “I took her in and gave her shelter. Her boyfriend, your dad, had kicked her out for another woman,” Joe narrated. “Samantha lived in my house for five years, and I treated her like my daughter.”

NO. 7
“I’ll be back in a while. Keep working, and do not touch anything until I arrive,” he said, driving past the dusty house in ruins. That evening, Elliot returned to the demolished spot to celebrate his feat. “Getting rid of that old thorn was so easy!” he exclaimed as he walked over the broken bricks.

Just then, he stumbled upon the broken glass of a photo frame. He looked at the photo and gasped in shock. “Mom? What is her photo doing here?” he said, picking up the picture. Elliot dusted it and realized it was an old photo of his mom with a baby.

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