My mum introduced me to tumeric and ginger milk(just adding tumeric and ginger to your boiling milk) because I was struggling with my sleep and anxiety and it's done wonders! I sleep 7-8 hours peacefully and I'm even able to sleep as early as 10pm. Panic attacks have reduced.


If you sleep less than 8 hours a night, you’re more likely to:

1. Lose memory
2. Gain weight
3. Get diabetes
4. Have a stroke
5. Have a heart attack
6. Experience depression
7. Have high blood pressure

Want to avoid these?

Start doing these 9 habits tonight:

Want to sleep 8 hours?

Follow these 9 tips before bed:

1. Take a hot shower
2. Optimize your room
3. Use light effectively
4. Cool your temperature
5. Limit caffeine use
6. Don't eat before bed
7. Create a ritual
8. Avoid intense exercise
9. Find your right time to wake up

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