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What is intelmodels and what is it for? Each intelmodel consists of a certain type of processes. The intelmodel is a linguistically unlimited structure and component of analysis. Intelmodels are needed for engineering in the areas of meta-teaching.

What is meta-teaching and what is it for? Meta-teaching is a system of fundamental concepts and operations with them. This is oriented on working with schematic phenomena that contain a data structure. Meta-teaching is necessary in order to produce benefits by funding and performing demanded tasks.

Hi! Times change, as do events in my life and I evolve over time. I have discovered the world of intel models, meta-teaching and the complexity of demand, and I dream of making money on this. An intel model is a realizable mathematical problem, and meta-learning is the environment in which this task is performed. These 2 modules are needed to perform an engineering task in a programming environment. These 2 modules will be connected to a database, for example, and only with the help of these modules it will be possible to perform a task: for example, to change the structure of the database. Payment will be taken for this change.

COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching . The logical structure (meta-model) of the level of basic specifics, on which basis is formed the meta-teaching, able to serve as a unified conceptual basis for all the fundamental sciences, including philosophy and psychology.

METRICS HOLD. My earnings platform consists of multifunctional models. The meta model differs from the model in a more general range of values

/COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching: The world of pragmatics. Market Unit: Intelmodel. And the performance series.

Project number 5 COMPLEXITY FOR BUSINESS. Meta-teaching, Market units, Toolboxes and other.

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