This picture is of one of the men from the Moroccan audience the moment the team won tears and a look of joy
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While you’re building a social media audience, funnel those followers into a free community.

Something like a Telegram group with weekly content.

Or an email list with weekly content.

It will help warm up the audience for when you’re ready to sell.

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1. You will be able to communicate and market your offer to your ideal audience that will pay you.

2. You will be able to sell without feeling like you are not good enough.

3. You will be able to have a process that will constantly help you drive more sales for your digital product - This is the exact same strategy brands like amazon and your favorite brands use to constantly have a repeated cash flow.

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of successful marketing.

The better your ad copy, the more likely someone will click, buy, and even come back.

Many marketers struggle with this.

So it doesn't matter if you offer a product or a service.

The crux of the matter is understanding how to create ad copy that sells and what you need to do to gain audience empathy.

A good ad must catch customers' attention before it leads to successful conversions.

You have to convince your potential buyers with words and visuals to get interested in something they can't touch, smell, or taste.

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2 Things To always focus on If you want to create Tiktok video that will go viral:

1. Hook:

Something that grabs people’s attention in the first 1-3 seconds Could be some clickbait text

10 Tiktok organic Hooks that might make you go Viral
1. My biggest regret is ___
2. Here's something i wish i knew sooner
3. This ___ will keep you from getting bored in class
4. You need this if ___
5. Before you scroll ___
6. How to confuse everyone at (school/work)
7. For my male audience
8. My step sister ___
9. I spent 3 years designing this ___
10. If you ___ listen up

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2. Create Controversy in your Videos:

Some thing that makes people go what the fuck and comment/c

Facebook Marketing

At the moment, 2.9 billion people utilize Facebook. Facebook's platform is used by companies of all sizes in every country to sell their goods and services to potential clients.

To build credibility, many firms already have a presence on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, however, can be effective instruments for marketing goods and breaking into new markets. Your brand can gain from using content marketing to communicate a consistent message once a strategy and plan have been put in place, followed by Facebook advertising to reach certain audiences.

An overview of Facebook marketing and how it functions, content marketing ideas for your brand, and a primer on Facebook advertising are all provided in this post.

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155 Niche Ideas list that Reaches a wide audience ✨
Here are some niche ideas for your help/support websites in case you’re stuck – just think “(niche) + help” with each one below (not in any particular order):
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