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Elevate the global conversation
Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media.
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Metro Network (Metro Token)
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amoledo: Social network Similar Facebook
Create your profile and share your articles, videos, you Can also make your own page.
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What is YoorBit ?

World's First Rate-to-Earn Social Network

Rate your experiences,

express yourself, earn crypto token,

connect people having similar lifestyle

Brand new social network to discover personalized experiences and connect people having same taste.


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Yoorbit experience rating application
Yoorbit always offers you what you may like and what fits with your orbit. You can earn a rate token while rating and see it in your wallet immediately. Rate al...
A Rate-to-Earn Social Network, Rate your experiences, express yourself, earn cryptocurrency tokens, and connect with people who share your interests.
Yoorbit, go ahead and do whatever you want! You set the rules in your life. It will be the same on your Yoorbit profile! Only you can decide how you feel about your experience! This is your journey.
Yoorbit it and claim it! Download Yoorbit, the brand new and unique "Rate-to-Earn Social Network", right now! Get rid of your old experiences and seek out new ones! 

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