I'm New here and I really want to explore, this is a nice social network and I believe to be here now and in the future

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Best motivation for youths " Believe in yourself, never stop learning, work smart and always be honest to your work."

I believe that money is a tool, a tool that can be used to create a life of abundance, but it's not the only thing that creates abundance. Money can buy you time, freedom, and security, but it can also create stress, anxiety, and greed if not handled properly.


Hi everyone.! Hopefully everyone keep mine refresh. I love work without work I can't believe everything. Please keep your prayers for me. I just wait for your sweet response. Good by everyone.

“I still believe that one day I will reach my dream, to myself, to what I want.”

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NO. 1
*Millionaire Demolishes Old Man’s House, Unexpectedly Sees His Childhood Photo among Ruins 
Story of the day*

A rude millionaire who believed money could buy anything demolished a poor old man’s house to build a mall. While checking the ruins later, he accidentally found his childhood photo among the rubble.

Can a person’s greed for riches blind them so miserably that they destroy someone else’s dreams to build theirs? In July 2021, Florida-based real estate tycoon Elliot Morris happened to shatter a poor old man’s dreams to fulfill his pursuit of wealth.

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